there be结构的be的一些活用 _初中英语

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  there be结构的be的活用

  there be 结构中的be必须随着be后面名词的数及句子后面的时间,使用不同的形式或时态。如:

  (1) There are fifty chairs, desks and a blackboard in our classroom. 我们的教室里有五十把椅子、五十张课桌和一块黑板。

  (比较) There is a blackboard, fifty chairs and desks in our classroom. 我们教室里有一块黑板、五十把椅子和五十张课桌。

  (2) There weren’t any high buildings in the village twenty years ago. 二十年前,村子里没有高楼大厦。

  there be结构可与情态动词can, could, will, would, must, may, might, ought to 及某些不及物动词seem, appear, happen等连用,如:

  (1) Do go into the hole, for there can be snakes in it. 不要进到洞里面去,因为洞里可能有蛇。

  (2) The car doesn’t run. There must be something wrong with it. 车不走了,肯定出了毛病。

  (3) There seemed to be some people in the room, for the water is still hot. 房间里原来似乎有人,因为水还是热的。

  (4) There happened to be a policeman there. 碰巧那儿有个警察。

  有时为了使句子表达生动,动词be 可换成 come, live, remain, stand, lie, appear, exist, seem, remain, …. 。如:

  (1) Long ago, there lived a king who loved horses very much. 很久以前,有个非常喜欢马的国王。

  (2) There stands a house on the top of the mountain. 山顶上有座房子。

  (3) There exists some doubt in what he said. 在他所的话中有些疑点。

  there be 结构不能跟 have(有) 连用,但可跟 have / has + 过去分词,或 have /has to + be / stand / lie 等动词原形等连用。如:

  (1) The man liked to plant trees, and soon there have been tall trees around his house. 那个人喜欢种树,不久他房子的周围就有了很多大树。

  (2) There has to be air and water on the planet for living things to live on. 在那颗行星上必须要有能使生物生存的空气和水。